Stand-Up Comedy Class

This four week workshop guides students of all levels through the basics of putting a stand-up comedy act together with support, deadlines, and accountability.  Upon completion, students perform in a graduation show at a comedy venue.

“Melinda is wickedly funny and truly loves what she does. She can help you find your voice and unlock what’s funny about you.”

– Drew Droege, Actor/Comedian-

“After years of wanting to try my hand at learning standup, I took a class with Melinda. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to really learn stand up as much as learn the skill of writing and delivering jokes. Melinda was a great coach – going above and beyond with her time and giving unique personalized attention. Her tips, fine-tuning, and encouragement were exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed the class and would suggest it for anyone interested in standup.”

-May H., Actress-


Each class includes:

Writing and performing exercises that bring out the comedy from your own life

Analysis of current comedy- what’s working and not working

Workshopping ideas and homework with constructive feedback

You will gain:

Confidence in your auditions and in your life

Creativity and fun

Communication skills

Further honing and clarifying your unique voice

A sense of accomplishment

Some basics we’ll cover:

Joke Structure



Connecting with an audience

Exercises to deal with nerves



Next class starts 9/11/16.