Write Your Own Starring Role

Your story is your greatest gift so let’s get it out in the world where it can help people. Finally write that web series, stand-up set, film, pilot, short story or autobiography- whatever is calling you the most right now!

 “I came in doubting I could write a scene, and left with a series.  Seriously. Melinda is a fantastic teacher!  After years of wanting to write and not being able to, Melinda provided a fun, practical, easily structured and accessible way of penning a project I’ve always wanted to make. Melinda’s phenomenal humor, intelligence, and knowledge make the class just as fun as it is informative. She speaks from experience, identifies problem areas and always offers solutions.

Her web series class is a  great overview of the entire process from outline and pitching to character, dialogue,  as well as some production. She even brought in a guest lecturer. I highly recommend this for anyone thinking of doing a series. I still can’t believe I came out of it with scripts that I’m happy about. In short, Melinda ROCKS!”

-Jim Pirri, Actor-

Get accountability, support, deadlines, and guidance from a working professional and your peers. Turn your writing dreams into reality in these 8 sessions with a presentation at the end.

This workshop is tailored specifically to help you complete your dream project and covers topics such as creative process, joke writing, pitching, outlining, script-writing, production, story structure, budgeting, marketing and branding depending on your specific needs. Every class includes  goal-setting, writing and workshopping of your material with constructive feedback designed to help you find your unique story and keep you motivated.

Next class starts 9/11/16
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