You can do it.

greta-gerwig-gossipWriting my own roles changed my career and I feel grateful that as a teacher I get to pass on this super-inspiring info to others.

Some inspirations for your writing this week: “I’d applied to graduate school for playwriting and I got rejected by every school”–Greta Gerwig on writing her own starring roles– “I felt that theatre was closed, but that when it came to film, the door was very slightly ajar. If I have any virtues, it’s that I’m good at walking through doors that are slightly ajar…I don’t need a man, and I would have done it anyway.” Greta Gerwig article 

Loved this cool article on “The Freebie” Sundance film directed by & starring Katie Aselton shot with no script, only a 6 page outline and improvisation. “There were no managers, or pay-or-play deals made to A-list stars. No private equity financing, or speculative investors hoping to play Hollywood executive producer. Just a bunch of friends grabbing some cameras and making a movie, either it was going to work or it wasn’t, but no one’s credit rating or houses were on-the-line.”The Freebie


“To increase your rate of success, fail twice as much. Experiment. We have to get over our cult of success and speak about the ongoing process instead of the rare result.” -Ted Hope

“Mark and I feel very strongly that the most important thing a filmmaker should do is to make lots of films and to make them as cheaply as possible. The technology now makes it possible for us to make a feature for a few thousand dollars, affording us the opportunity to mess up, recover & try again. But there is still a mythology that a kid wakes up one morning, makes a film & it’s either good or bad–thus divining whether one has talent or not. That’s bullshit. We (and everyone else we know who’s working in the industry today) made a lot of bad films before we figured out what we uniquely have to offer the world.”– Jay Duplass, director of Puffy Chair, Baghead, Cyrus

Inside Stranger Things & about not giving up: “The show got rejected by 15 to 20 networks, who didn’t think an adult story starring four children would work. Then came Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, co-executive producers who helped shepherd the project to Netflix.”Stranger Things

Have an amazing week of writing! And don’t forget if you don’t create your ideal job it may never happen.



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